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Payne Air Conditioner Review and Prices

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In today’s world, wherever indoor comfortableness is paramount, selecting nan correct aerial conditioning portion is crucial. Payne has established itself arsenic a trusted sanction successful nan HVAC industry, renowned for its committedness to quality, innovation, and reliability.

Payne promises to support you cool and comfortable, from cutting-edge exertion to sleek designs, nary matter nan temperature outside.

However, you should cognize immoderate important things, including nan cardinal features, pros, cons, problems, and price. Only past tin you make nan correct decision.

Who owns Payne Air Conditioners?

Payne Air Conditioner

Payne Air Conditioners is owned by Carrier Corporation, which integrated Payne into its operations successful 1974 nether nan BDP Company. This acquisition allowed Payne to grow its merchandise offerings and distribution nationwide, maintaining its estimation for dependable and affordable heating and cooling solutions for homeowners.

Key features of Payne Air Conditioner

Let’s supply circumstantial cardinal features of Payne Air Conditioners:

Dependable Performance

Payne Air Conditioners acquisition rigorous testing to guarantee they meet manufacture standards for reliability. Components specified arsenic nan compressor, coils, and instrumentality centrifugal are engineered for durability, pinch a way grounds of accordant capacity moreover successful utmost upwind conditions.

High Efficiency

Payne Air Conditioners characteristic SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings ranging from 13 to 17, indicating their expertise to supply businesslike cooling while minimizing power consumption. This translates to little monthly inferior bills and reduced biology impact.

Quiet Operation

Payne Air Conditioners utilize swept-wing instrumentality blades, insulated compressor compartments, and vibration-reducing mounts to minimize sound levels during operation. Sound levels typically scope from 56 to 72 decibels, ensuring quiet comfortableness indoors.

Durable Construction

Payne Air Conditioners are constructed pinch heavy-gauge galvanized alloy cabinets, coated pinch a corrosion-resistant decorativeness to withstand vulnerability to nan elements. Copper tubing and aluminum fins heighten durability and longevity.

Advanced Cooling Technology

Payne Air Conditioner

Payne Air Conditioners incorporated scroll compressors pinch demand-based technology, allowing for precise cooling output matched to nan required load. This ensures businesslike cognition and accordant comfortableness levels.

Environmentally Friendly

Payne Air Conditioners usage R-410A refrigerant, known for its ozone-friendly properties and debased biology impact. Additionally, components are designed for recyclability astatine nan extremity of nan unit’s lifespan.

User-Friendly Controls

Payne Air Conditioners characteristic programmable thermostats pinch intuitive interfaces, allowing users to easy group somesthesia preferences, set instrumentality speeds, and schedule cooling cycles for optimal comfortableness and power savings.

Sleek Design

Payne Air Conditioner

Payne Air Conditioners characteristic a low-profile creation pinch a neutral colour palette, blending seamlessly into immoderate indoor aliases outdoor setting. Louvered panels and streamlined contours heighten aesthetics while providing businesslike airflow.

Variety of Sizes and Capacities

Payne offers a scope of aerial conditioner models pinch cooling capacities ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons, catering to divers residential and commercialized applications. This ensures precise sizing for optimal capacity and efficiency.

Payne aerial conditioner problems

Here are nan apical 5 problems users whitethorn brushwood pinch Payne Air Conditioners.

Limited Features and Options

Payne aerial conditioners request much precocious features successful higher-priced units, specified arsenic smart location integration and blase energy-saving technologies. This whitethorn disappoint users seeking enhanced functionality and customization options.

Average Efficiency and Performance

Payne’s aerial conditioners mostly connection mean efficiency, arsenic reflected successful their SEER ratings. While suitable for immoderate users, those prioritizing precocious ratio for semipermanent costs savings whitethorn for illustration alternatives pinch superior performance.

Noise Levels

Payne Air Conditioners typically nutrient sound levels ranging from 56 to 72 decibels during operation. This scope is comparable to normal speech (60-70 decibels), ensuring minimal disruption to indoor comfort.

Some users study that Payne models run louder than comparable units from different brands. This tin beryllium a interest for individuals who prioritize a quiet indoor environment, perchance impacting wide restitution pinch nan product.

Warranty Limitations

Payne’s warranty sum is often shorter and little broad than that of competitors. This whitethorn consequence successful higher costs for users if repairs aliases replacements are needed aft nan warranty play expires, starring to dissatisfaction pinch nan product’s wide value.

Potential Durability Issues

Despite Payne’s estimation for reliability, users whitethorn brushwood durability issues complete time, specified arsenic coil corrosion aliases compressor failure. Proper attraction and timely repairs are basal to mitigate these issues and prolong nan lifespan of nan aerial conditioning unit.

Payne aerial conditioner models and variations

Payne offers 2 superior aerial conditioner models:

Single-Stage Operation

This exemplary operates astatine a azygous speed, providing accordant cooling output sloppy of nan outdoor temperature. While cost-effective, it whitethorn lead to flimsy somesthesia fluctuations and higher power depletion compared to much precocious models.

Two-Stage Operation

With a two-stage operation, nan aerial conditioner tin tally astatine 2 speeds: debased for mild days and precocious for hotter days. This results successful much precise somesthesia control, improved power efficiency, and quieter cognition than single-stage models.

Which exemplary will beryllium champion for you?

ModelEfficiency RatingCapacity (Tons)Sound (dB)CompressorEnergy Star
PA16NW17 SEER1.5–573Single-StageYes
PA16NA17 SEER1.5–576Single-StageYes
PA17NA17 SEER2–573Two-StageYes
PA14NC14 SEER1.5–575Single-StageNo
PA15NC14 SEER1.5–575Single-StageNo
PA13NA13 SEER1.5–574Single-StageNo

Payne aerial conditioner prices by model

ModelSystem Only CostSystem Installed CostRunning Cost (2.5-ton unit)
PA17NA$1,400 – $1,500$3,780 – $4,000$480 – $500
PA16NW$1,230 – $1,300$3,410 – $3,600$520 – $540
PA16NA$1,120 – $1,200$3,260 – $3,400$500 – $520
PA15NC$1,010 – $1,100$3,190 – $3,400$590 – $610
PA14NC$860 – $900$2,940 – $3,100$620 – $640
PA13NA$750 – $800$2,810 – $2,950$680 – $720

Payne aerial conditioner prices by size

AC Unit SizeHome SizeSystem Only CostSystem Installed CostRunning Cost
1.5 ton600 – 1000 sf$880$2,710$460 – $480
2 ton1001 – 1300 sf$960$2,800$480 – $500
2.5 ton1301 – 1600 sf$1,020$2,930$500 – $520
3 ton1601 – 1900 sf$1,080$3,040$520 – $540
3.5 ton1901 – 2200 sf$1,220$3,240$540 – $560
4 ton2201 – 2600 sf$1,310$3,420$560 – $580
5 ton2601 – 3200 sf$1,530$3,860$600 – $620

So, which exemplary is cleanable for you?

Choosing nan cleanable Payne aerial conditioner exemplary requires considering various factors, including efficiency, capacity, features, sound level, warranty, and budget. Here’s a broad buying guideline based connected nan accusation provided:


Determine your desired level of power ratio based connected your climate, usage patterns, and semipermanent costs savings goals. Models for illustration nan PA17NA connection higher SEER ratings (up to 17), making them suitable for regions pinch basking summers and precocious electricity costs. However, if ratio is little of a concern, models for illustration nan PA13NA pinch a SEER standing of 13 whitethorn beryllium sufficient.


Choose nan due capacity (in tons) based connected nan size of your location and cooling needs. Payne offers models ranging from 1.5 to 5 tons, pinch each size suitable for different location sizes. Refer to nan provided location size guidelines to accurately lucifer nan portion size to your quadrate footage.


Consider your desired features and functionalities. If precocious features for illustration smart location integration and energy-saving technologies are basal to you, you whitethorn for illustration models from different brands pinch much broad characteristic sets. However, if you prioritize simplicity and reliability, Payne models connection basal functionality astatine a much affordable value point.

Noise Level

Evaluate nan sound level of each model, particularly if quiet cognition is important to you. While immoderate users study that Payne models tin run louder than competitors, others find nan sound level acceptable for their needs. Consider your tolerance for sound and take accordingly.


Review nan warranty sum offered by each exemplary to guarantee capable protection against imaginable defects aliases issues. While Payne’s warranty sum whitethorn beryllium shorter and little broad than immoderate competitors, it still provides basal sum for bid of mind. Evaluate nan magnitude of nan warranty and immoderate further sum options available.


Finally, see your fund and equilibrium it pinch your desired features and performance. Payne aerial conditioners connection a scope of models astatine different value points, allowing you to find a suitable action that meets your needs without overspending.

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