4 Best Contact Us Page Examples Made With Hostinger Website Builder

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Nov 21, 2023

Larassatti D.

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One of nan astir valuable pages connected a website is nan Contact Us page. It provides a nonstop connection transmission to cod customer feedback, stitchery leads, and unlock caller opportunities.

Fortunately, building an effective Contact Us page doesn’t require precocious method skills, acknowledgment to nan simplicity of a no-code website builder.

With that successful mind, we’ll coming nan 4 champion Contact Us page examples built pinch Hostinger Website Builder for inspiration. Then, we’ll screen really to make a website and customize your ain Contact Us page utilizing nan drag-and-drop builder tool.

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Top 4 Contact Us Page Examples

This conception lists 4 master Contact Us page samples built pinch Hostinger’s AI-powered website builder. We chose each introduction based connected nan unsocial Contact Us page designs, inspirational interaction shape elements, and user-friendly features.

1. Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice's Contact Us page

Fire and Ice is simply a portfolio website displaying nan owner’s photography work, illustrations, and short stories. Its interaction page is divided into 3 sections pinch a clear structure.

The first conception greets website visitors pinch a personable invited message, pinch eye-catching transcript and awesome interaction page visuals. Implementing this attack connected your website helps to heighten visitant liking and engagement.

The 2nd portion shows elemental interaction shape fields. Next to it, location are nonstop links to nan artist’s Behance and Pinterest pages. Meanwhile, nan bottommost of nan page is wherever tract visitors tin capable retired a abstracted shape to person trading communications, which is fantabulous for collecting leads.

The creator besides puts support resources specified arsenic Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Refund and Cancellation on nan interaction page. These are captious if you cod visitors’ individual information – for illustration telephone numbers, email addresses, aliases costs details. It helps found spot betwixt you and website visitors and lets users cognize really you will usage their data.

If you want to create akin pages, you tin find nan editable template wrong Hostinger Website Builder.

Key takeaway:

Combining your individual marque pinch a well-designed interaction page balances personability and functionality. Also, providing support page resources streamlines connection moreover more.

2. C-GEM

C-Gem's Contact Us page

C-GEM provides master services to support and boost farmers’ businesses. The Contact Us conception is accessible straight from nan landing page and utilizes a elemental and streamlined approach. It leverages a “Get successful touch” call-to-action (CTA) button, making it easy for visitors to interaction nan income team.

Moreover, this page is easy navigable by pursuing minimalist interaction page templates. The greenish colour strategy besides keeps nan interaction page aesthetically aligned pinch nan remainder of nan site. This is simply a applicable illustration of maintaining accordant branding passim an full website.

While galore business interaction pages incorporated a form, this website uses a call-to-action. It redirects to a Calendly scheduling instrumentality for imaginable customers to book an online consultation easily.

Such a interaction page is elemental yet tailored to nan business operations​. At nan aforesaid time, nan website provides an email reside for different written inquiries.

This attack is 1 of nan celebrated Contact Us page conversion strategies for a service-based aliases consulting business. It’s particularly beneficial for imaginable customers wanting to book a convention quickly.

Key takeaway:

Creative call-to-action buttons thief users navigate your company’s interaction page seamlessly. It’s besides a applicable attack to nonstop visitors to do a circumstantial action and convert.

3. Freelance Clinical

Freelance Clinical's Contact Us page

Freelance Clinical has 1 of nan champion Contact Us pages for a business website. It’s a concise and well-organized page displaying applicable interaction accusation – nan company’s email, agency address, and LinkedIn profile.

The astir notable constituent of this Contact Us page is nan connection to respond wrong 24 hours, which is bully believe for establishing transparency pinch nan personification contacting nan business. Displaying it intelligibly astatine nan apical of nan page shows nan support team’s committedness to responsiveness.

The CTA fastener connected this interaction page redirects visitors to its default mailing application. Consider implementing this believe to simplify nan process of customers reaching retired to your support team.

There’s besides a Cookies Policy nexus connected Freelance Clinical’s interaction page. It’s a bully measurement to show that you respect personification privateness and information protection laws. Having it connected your website ensures ineligible compliance, which tin thief build clients’ trust.

Key takeaway:

Freelance Clinical’s website has a awesome Contact Us page for accepted businesses, for illustration those successful nan finance, legal, aliases manufacturing industries. A elemental interaction page and assurance of a responsive support squad are important factors for speedy and seamless communication.

4. Diplomatic Lawn Care

Diplomatic Lawn Care's Contact Us Page

Another awesome Contact Us page illustration comes from Diplomatic Lawn Care’s website. This interactive Contact Us page utilizes detailed, user-friendly interaction shape fields to supply a tailored attack to customer inquiries.

When implementing this strategy, guarantee that nan extended questions are necessary. Asking for irrelevant accusation tin harm your form’s user-friendliness, truthful impacting nan website’s credibility.

In lawsuit users for illustration not to usage nan form, nan website’s footer displays different interaction information, for illustration an email and telephone number, for visitors to scope nan support team.

Diplomatic Lawn Care besides provides a chat support pop-up done Facebook Messenger. You tin easy instrumentality this characteristic connected your website pinch Hostinger Website Builder, which offers Facebook and WhatsApp integrations.

Key takeaway:

Diplomatic Lawn Care’s website has a awesome interaction page pinch an extended shape to understand visitors’ needs better. Meanwhile, existing customers tin still usage different connection channels for illustration unrecorded chat, email, aliases telephone for support inquiries.

How to Make a Contact Us Page With Hostinger Website Builder

It’s important for immoderate website to supply various connection channels to promote seamless correspondence pinch customers. A well-designed Contact Us page is simply a cardinal facet successful achieving that.

Implementing nan listed Contact Us page creation inspiration connected your website is elemental pinch Hostinger Website Builder. Let’s research nan steps below:

1. Choose a Hosting Plan

The first measurement successful creating a website pinch a successful interaction page is purchasing a web hosting package.

Consider these factors to choose nan astir suitable hosting plan for you:

  • The type of website you want to run. The size and complexity of your website find nan assets needs, including CPU cores, RAM, retention space, and bandwidth allocation.
  • Scalability. Pick a hosting supplier that lets you easy upgrade arsenic nan website grows successful traffic and assets needs.
  • Security measures. Check nan information features included, for illustration SSL certificates, regular backups, firewall protection, and DDoS prevention.
  • Additional features. Hosting packages tin person extended features, for illustration a dedicated IP reside and built-in integrations.

Hostinger provides each nan basal information features for illustration a free life SSL certificate, DDoS protection, and a malware scanner. Moreover, bask 24/7 assistance from our Customer Success squad and AI-powered devices to build your online success.

The website builder pinch hosting bundle package is simply a awesome prime for beginners to commencement building a website. It besides comes pinch a free domain name, truthful you don’t request to bargain 1 separately.

2. Create Your Website

Start nan website onboarding process aft creating a hosting relationship and completing nan payment. You tin besides statesman building your tract by navigating to nan Websites menu successful hPanel.

Choose Hostinger Website Builder arsenic your tool, past prime immoderate designer-made template based connected your website type. You tin preview nan template to spot really it will look connected nan unrecorded site. Alternatively, take a blank template if you for illustration designing your website from scratch.

It’s besides imaginable to make a afloat functioning website utilizing nan built-in AI tool. Simply picture your cleanable website and edit nan AI-generated contented later.

Hostinger's AI Website Builder starter page

No matter which method you choose, each Hostinger Website Builder sites are mobile-friendly by default.

3. Customize Website Elements

In general, a Contact Us page template has a basal design. Therefore, you request to personalize nan contented and creation elements to your preference.

Customize nan page layout, tweak nan media files, and adhd caller elements to lucifer your branding strategy. For example, insert user-engaging interaction forms and set your interaction page colour schemes.

The Add elements paper successful Hostinger Website Builder

Test different colors, fonts, and styles to refine your Contact Us page aesthetics. Make judge nan last merchandise accurately represents your brand.

Also, return advantage of Hostinger Website Builder’s AI tools, including our AI Writer, AI Heatmap, and AI Logo Maker, to further streamline your website creation process.

4. Display Your Contact Details

Your tract will beryllium much reliable and user-friendly by providing precise interaction details. When crafting your Contact Us page, see including nan pursuing information:

  • Email address. This connection transmission is useful for receiving wide inquiries, feedback, support requests, business collaborations, aliases business proposals.
  • Contact telephone number. If your business is location-based, provides customer support, aliases requires assignment setting, telephone numbers are highly beneficial.
  • Physical address. Listing nan location of your business’ brick-and-mortar constitution is important for building credibility.
  • Social media links. Linking your progressive societal media accounts helps summation your assemblage scope and build an online organization for your business.

We urge providing aggregate interaction options to accommodate a wider assemblage for lead generation.

5. Apply SEO Strategies

Implementing search motor optimization (SEO) strategies brings integrated postulation to your website by helping it rank precocious connected hunt motor results pages (SERPs).

Incorporate applicable keywords related to your manufacture and marque connected your interaction page – chiefly successful nan title, headings, and meta description. Doing truthful will thief hunt engines understand what your website is astir and nan worth it tin bring to readers.

Follow Hostinger Website Builder’s SEO checklist, which you tin find by clicking connected nan Settings button and choosing SEO.

Hostinger Website Builder's SEO tool

6. Publish nan Page

Preview your website to verify that each nan elements are moving arsenic intended. Additionally, trial if each links nonstop to nan correct page and double-check for typos successful your written content.

It’s besides bully to reappraisal really your website looks connected smaller screens. To do this, click connected nan mobile position icon connected nan website builder’s apical navigation bar:

The mobile preview icon successful Hostinger Website Builder

Once you’re satisfied, motorboat your website by hitting nan Go live button. Completing this action will automatically create a backup of nan site’s files. Any edits you make to nan tract will beryllium automatically saved.

Finally, entree your website utilizing its domain sanction and spot really it looks. Submit mock information into nan shape fields connected nan Contact Us page to guarantee it’s moving smoothly. If you announcement a mistake, hole it and click Update website to use nan changes.

How to Create a Website With Hostinger Website Builder – Video Tutorial

Watch this in-depth video tutorial to create a website utilizing Hostinger Website Builder.

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Creating an effective Contact Us page is an invaluable plus for your website. To thief you get inspired, we’ve reviewed nan 4 champion Contact Us page examples made pinch Hostinger Website Builder.

The champion interaction pages prioritize nan personification acquisition – from incorporating a elemental interaction shape to adding aggregate interaction options. Additionally, a website’s Contact Us page should merge seamlessly pinch nan wide website creation and marque messaging.

Fortunately, implementing nan cardinal takeaways from these modern Contact Us page examples connected your ain website is easy pinch Hostinger Website Builder. With nan step-by-step guideline successful this article, you tin easy navigate nan instrumentality to creation a functional and engaging Contact Us page.

Contact Us Page Examples FAQ

Now that you cognize astir interaction page champion practices, we’ll reply immoderate communal questions astir building a Contact Us page.

What Is a Contact Us Page, and Why Is It Important for a Website?

A Contact Us page is 1 of nan astir basal web pages to see connected a site. It enables visitors to find your interaction accusation to pass pinch you and helps found your website arsenic reliable and accessible.

What Information Should Be Included connected nan Contact Us Page?

A Contact Us page should see basal specifications for illustration an email address, a telephone number, links to societal media profiles, and a beingness location reside – if applicable. You whitethorn besides see mobile-responsive interaction forms, a unrecorded chat function, accusation connected your business hours, and Google Maps integration.

How Should a Contact Us Page Be Structured?

Ensure your Contact Us page is easy navigable and intuitive. Always adhd a Contact Us page title aliases a friends greeting astatine nan apical of nan page. Then, you tin put imaginative interaction page layouts and shape a logical building for nan displayed interaction information.


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